Burned out at 22: What consumes you?

“So why do you want to become a doctor?”

I started this journey in medical school with the hope of giving back to the community that made me into something that I am right now. Thinking about it, I also want to become successful where everyone gives you respect because of your title. Dare to dream but if you really ask me why I want to become a doctor?

I just want to be accepted by my parents.

Lets face the truth, if you’ll ask me “why bother attending medical school?” to be really honest I was actually guilted to enter. Everyone tends to expect something from a girl who doesn’t voice out what she wants in life. I mean let’s be real, if you’ll ask me what I want in life I really dont know what to tell you that’s why I agreed into pursuing the medical track.

I consider myself as a misfit being a creative individual confined in a world where test scores, mid sem and final grades are the basis of happiness. The more that I get into the zone, the more that I become more and more toxic. This is a reality. No. This is MY reality. I know you’ll shoot me with the “grades don’t define you” true but it defines your perseverance and hard work towards getting that MD degree.

I’m creating this mini-rant/blog because I failed my physiology exam. Yes I failed and not the kind of ~this-close-to-passing~ fail, my score was way far from the passing mark. I didn’t told anyone about this not even my dad nor my boyfriend because I didn’t want them to worry about how frustrated and burned out I am with my life in med school. It’s just, I just can’t accept the fact that I’ve failed.

There are numerous of moments where you’ll crash and burn. It comes to a point where you’ll get to sacrifice mental health all in the name of passing but remember this,

No matter how dark it could get we will always be drawn in that little speck of light because in it, we always find hope.

That’s it for your monthly non-mandatory rant/blog from ya girl, Have a great day everyone.


As a medical student, sometimes you just want to de-stress from all the school work, quizzes and laboratory conference and I was quite interested with products that will make you feel like you’re fresh from the spa. I’ve been searching for products such as lotions and body mist that will make me feel energized and luckily @EssentialsByKD sent me some of their products and I was so excited to try them out.

I would like to point out that as a med student, I’m really keen when it comes to products that would improve my mood because let’s face it, med school is hard and stressful and having products that would calm your nerves would be big of a help.


So upon receiving the products, I gotta say that I’m so in love with how it was shipped. Also, upon opening the packaging, you’ll see how they carefully curated the packaging of each product. You’ll also get to see the description of each of the product, the amount of product that you’ll get and also the ingredients.


I am a big fan of matte lipsticks but since the air is quite dry, applying matte lipstick on a daily basis would only lead to my lips getting constantly chapped. I used this lip balm for about a week and a half and used it as a lip primer and what I absolutely love about this product is that it smells like chocolate but the moment that you’ve applied it, it tasted minty but you still get to smell the chocolate scent. My only concern is that the formula of the lip balm is not consistent. the moment that you’ve swiped the lip balm on your lips, you’ll get to feel small solid bits. Nonetheless, this was the first product that caught my attention and I love how it bring back moisture to my lips.


After studying and before going to bed, I apply this body cream and I always wake up to super smooth skin. My mom is a lotion connoisseur and uses this one as well. I believe that she would agree with me that this product is not greasy and not sticky. I also adore the scent because it helps me calm down and fall asleep faster.


Out of all of the products that Essentials by KD sent me, this one was my absolute favorite. Put your hair in a bun, spray a generous amount, use a blow dryer or leave it all day and you’ll get beach babe waves without the hassle. This product is the bomb because it gives volume and texture without making your hair dry. #CurrentFave


Ok this hand sanitizer is my go to hand sanitizer wherever I go. I love bringing this hand sanitizer especially to school because one spritz of this and I’m solved! Despite the super stressful pace in med school, one spray of this and I’m already in spa heaven.


I’ve temporarily retired from the parisian eau de parfum scents and gave this one a try. What I like about this product is that it has an emotional boost the moment that you get to smell the scent. The body mist smells like a mixture of lemon and lavender which I think almost all of us could agree that the scent of citrus could give an energy boost that could uplift our spirits a little bit.


I personally believe that this line of products from Essentials by KD is something that would be helpful to someone who is always under constant stress and pressure (like myself haha). I am totally in love with the body cream, the hand sanitizer and the mermaid hair mist.

I would totally recommend this brand because of three things

  1. This brand is locally made
  2. All of the ingredients are organic
  3. There’s a vibe to it that cleanses your soul and psyche


Check out @EssentialsbyKD on instagram and facebook


So, the first semester of my first year in med school is done and I don’t have that much to say.

Well actually no. I do have a lot of things to say. In fact, I’m currently compelled to compose a blog post all about it.

Yes I am a current freshmen from the Centro Escolar University School of Medicine. Now this institution may sound oddly new to you because their Med School program is only three years old but don’t get me started on the faculty who are expert on their own field and the amount of lab work that you’ll gonna get.

But I’m not here to talk about the institution no. I’m here to talk about med school from my point of view.



During the first month of med school, I realized that I had to give up a lot of things which involves a lot of my passion projects in the name of saving my sanity from juggling a lot of stuff namely running and blogging. I went to a point where I don’t get to talk to my mom or dad because of the overwhelming workload that med school has to offer, I got to see my friends less often, I even got to bond less with my dogs which was a bummer. Upon entering med school I slowly bid goodbye to what I love doing and started to rethink if I should still pursue medicine as a solid career path for me despite the practicality.

I admit, I compared myself to some of my classmates considering that they have a solid foundation in terms of chemistry, biology and other med related science. I had to start from the basics which means trying to master general chemistry while our professor is discussing the biochemistry of carbohydrates. I though that we all come from a clean slate but I know that if I want to make this work, I had to work double time.



I admit that I almost quit med school due to the numerous failures and disappointments. Personally, this was my definition of rock bottom. Believe me when I say this but I can’t even apply personally the stuff that they teach you in the psychology program. My anxiety worsened mid semester and that was the time that I told myself that I should quit before it compromised my health and well being. I told myself that I didn’t deserve to even be in med school but then thinking that dropping mid sem would only not get my money’s worth (med school is expensive as f so it wouldn’t be wise to quit half way) so I told myself that I would still continue but as long as I get the help that I needed. I was guided and mentored by two psychiatrist and with a help of a few medications, I was able to slowly cope up. Don’t get me wrong, it was tough but without the guidance of my mentors, I wouldn’t see the bright side of it.


I think that if you’ll ask my “why I stayed in med school despite me being an emotional turmoil, having numerous cases of panic attacks and a tremendous what ifs?” is that you stay because of the people. You’ll get to have this amazing support group from your peers who are experiencing the same thing as you are and eventually you’ll get to realize that you’re not alone and they are probably experiencing the same situation.


I hope that this not so lengthy blog post almost summed my whole med school experience. I may be active now in the blogging world but as soon as second semester starts, I might not show up again or so.

Long story short, it’s all about sacrifice but don’t think this the wrong way, It was designed to be tough in order to prepare you into the real world where you’re the only one standing between life and death.


XO from ya girl,





A little update on you all,

What’s up fam! It’s the third week of school and I’m sorry if I don’t blog on a regular basis like before due to how hectic the work load in med school and I had to adjust on how I budget my time between school, study outs, gym and my love for blogging.

Back to the regular scheduled program

So last august 8, bath and blends ph sent me their Argan oil and green tea hand and body lotion and their natural lip balm and Although I didn’t receive it first hand (because the products were shipped at my house and I’m currently elsewhere so that’s convenient) but my mom immediately fell in love with the hand and body lotion. Last August 10 I saw it first hand and my mom was right.

It was a great timing actually since most of my days will be spent inside the classroom and as you can tell, the humidity of the air will be dry and not good with my skin and lips and I’m so excited to share this to you guys on my experiences with these products during my first week in med school


The lotion comes with a pump bottle which is pretty convenient for me since I’m always on the go and I always apply lotion whenever I’m commuting. You’ll also see the net wt and the ingredients of the product which is a plus for me because I’ll be assured that the product doesn’t have any harsh chemicals.


When it comes to the lip balm, I’m a little disappointed with it because I really don’t prefer lip balms that comes with this type of packaging. I find it very unsanitary most especially if I didn’t disinfect my hands firsthand. One thing that I do appreciate is that the packaging is made out of plastic instead of glass because I’ve had that experience one time where I broke one of my make up products because of the glass packaging.



So the lotion has that consistency which is not that runny but at the same time not too thick. Upon squirting it, I was shocked that the product wasn’t white compared to other hand and body lotions out in the market. The scent of the lotion can be compared to satsuma body butter from the body shop and I was excited and super pumped. I used the lotion every morning before class and I’ve definitely felt that my hands are very moist from 8am to 12 noon. One down side of this product is that the scent of the lotion wears off for an hour after applying the lotion which is a bummer because I really love the tangerine scent of the lotion but the rest from the packaging to the product quality, I could guarantee that I love this lotion (and my mom loves it too lol)

For the lip balm, The first thing that I’ve noticed when I’ve opened the product packaging was the strong orange scent. For the application, it was hard getting the product out and it had to come to a point where I need to scrape off the product in order to use it which is the one thing that I find unsanitary because you have to use your fingers instead of a tube packaging where you get to apply the product directly with ease. I’ve also noticed that there’s a stinging feeling upon application which is weirdly satisfying for me.


I would like to talk about the lotion first. Overall, I believe that this product is my personal favorite and I’ll get to use it a lot since It’s portable and compact, it retains moisture and it’s made from all natural ingredients. If I were to rate this product, It’ll be an 8.5 out of 10 for me.

With the lip balm, I would appreciate this product if it’s in a tube packaging. It was a little hard to get the product off the packaging and not to mention quite unsanitary. Quality wise of the balm, I did appreciate on how it moisturize my lips and somehow wish that they could do different colors on this one. I might give this product a 6 out of 10.


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What’s up lovies! This has been a long and overdue blog that I am willing to share for a long long time and now finally here it is!

So like what I’ve said in the blog post, this skin care routine is perfect for Filipina skin in terms of budget and quality. As a med student, I feel that having a skin care routine is vital because skin is 20% of our body composition and our first line of defense against diseases (geeky much lol). Also, I do feel that prevention of acne breakouts is better than cure that’s why I’ve created a skin care routine that suits my sensitive+oily +acne prone skin.

Be aware that we all have different skin types so what may work for me may not work for you. In terms of the products that I’m using, I also make sure that they’re organic and safe.



I was a previous user of Celeteque facial wash and I’ve noticed that it wasn’t cleansing my face that thoroughly so I knew that I needed to switch to a different cleanser and a friend recommended Liquid Neutrogena. It wasn’t harsh on my skin and it removed the oil and dirt in my face and I stuck to this product for almost a year.



I wasn’t really educated about the importance and benefits of toners until now and I found this toner from Nivea that claims to tone skin deeply, mattify and removes dirt and residue. Despite its mattifying effect, what I love about this product is that it wouldn’t dry out your skin. Another thing is that it makes my face radiant and dewy af without looking haggard.



So Clivia Pure Organics sent me their fade out serum and I tested them for one week in order to see what happens. Their Fade Out Serum is made from the purest Virgin Coconut Oil and Turmeric powder and claims to remove age spots, acne scars and other skin blemishes. Well let’s be honest, I don’t ave the clearest skin but at least I don’t currently have active acne. What I love about their serum is that it’s organic and it makes my face really moisturized. My only concern is that my face looks a bit pale and yellow after using their serum and it doesn’t immediately set after application but so far I’ll be using this fade out serum until I ran out.



We all need sun screen considering that we’re living in a country where there are only 2 seasons, hot and HOTTER!! I’m not really picky when it comes to sunscreen but I want a sunscreen that has a high SPF so that I get that extra protection. ya feel me friends?

Also, did I mention that I stole this sunscreen from my mom? Shhhh don’t tell her HAHA!



I’ve been told by a friend that face mists can be a dupe to a setting spray or if you want that extra freshness in the middle of the day, a little spritz of face mist can go a long way.  What I love about Clivia’s face mists is that it’s hydrating and it claims to be a hundred percent natural. The only downside of this product is that the scent of the face mist is too strong that has an almost chemical-ish scent.


I love makeup as much as I love skin care products most especially if it’s proudly pinoy made. I could recommend the Fade out serum from Clivia pure organics if you’re a newbie on the world of skin care. I said newbie because the product is not intimidating compared to other serum products also you’ll be guaranteed that nothing bad will happen to your face because it’s a hundred percent organic. Who wouldn’t want that right? The face mist on the other hand gives results that a face mist should do but I honestly don’t like and can’t withstand the scent that is too strong.


Check out @Cliviapureorganics on instagram