A little update on you all,

What’s up fam! It’s the third week of school and I’m sorry if I don’t blog on a regular basis like before due to how hectic the work load in med school and I had to adjust on how I budget my time between school, study outs, gym and my love for blogging.

Back to the regular scheduled program

So last august 8, bath and blends ph sent me their Argan oil and green tea hand and body lotion and their natural lip balm and Although I didn’t receive it first hand (because the products were shipped at my house and I’m currently elsewhere so that’s convenient) but my mom immediately fell in love with the hand and body lotion. Last August 10 I saw it first hand and my mom was right.

It was a great timing actually since most of my days will be spent inside the classroom and as you can tell, the humidity of the air will be dry and not good with my skin and lips and I’m so excited to share this to you guys on my experiences with these products during my first week in med school


The lotion comes with a pump bottle which is pretty convenient for me since I’m always on the go and I always apply lotion whenever I’m commuting. You’ll also see the net wt and the ingredients of the product which is a plus for me because I’ll be assured that the product doesn’t have any harsh chemicals.


When it comes to the lip balm, I’m a little disappointed with it because I really don’t prefer lip balms that comes with this type of packaging. I find it very unsanitary most especially if I didn’t disinfect my hands firsthand. One thing that I do appreciate is that the packaging is made out of plastic instead of glass because I’ve had that experience one time where I broke one of my make up products because of the glass packaging.



So the lotion has that consistency which is not that runny but at the same time not too thick. Upon squirting it, I was shocked that the product wasn’t white compared to other hand and body lotions out in the market. The scent of the lotion can be compared to satsuma body butter from the body shop and I was excited and super pumped. I used the lotion every morning before class and I’ve definitely felt that my hands are very moist from 8am to 12 noon. One down side of this product is that the scent of the lotion wears off for an hour after applying the lotion which is a bummer because I really love the tangerine scent of the lotion but the rest from the packaging to the product quality, I could guarantee that I love this lotion (and my mom loves it too lol)

For the lip balm, The first thing that I’ve noticed when I’ve opened the product packaging was the strong orange scent. For the application, it was hard getting the product out and it had to come to a point where I need to scrape off the product in order to use it which is the one thing that I find unsanitary because you have to use your fingers instead of a tube packaging where you get to apply the product directly with ease. I’ve also noticed that there’s a stinging feeling upon application which is weirdly satisfying for me.


I would like to talk about the lotion first. Overall, I believe that this product is my personal favorite and I’ll get to use it a lot since It’s portable and compact, it retains moisture and it’s made from all natural ingredients. If I were to rate this product, It’ll be an 8.5 out of 10 for me.

With the lip balm, I would appreciate this product if it’s in a tube packaging. It was a little hard to get the product off the packaging and not to mention quite unsanitary. Quality wise of the balm, I did appreciate on how it moisturize my lips and somehow wish that they could do different colors on this one. I might give this product a 6 out of 10.


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What’s up lovies! This has been a long and overdue blog that I am willing to share for a long long time and now finally here it is!

So like what I’ve said in the blog post, this skin care routine is perfect for Filipina skin in terms of budget and quality. As a med student, I feel that having a skin care routine is vital because skin is 20% of our body composition and our first line of defense against diseases (geeky much lol). Also, I do feel that prevention of acne breakouts is better than cure that’s why I’ve created a skin care routine that suits my sensitive+oily +acne prone skin.

Be aware that we all have different skin types so what may work for me may not work for you. In terms of the products that I’m using, I also make sure that they’re organic and safe.



I was a previous user of Celeteque facial wash and I’ve noticed that it wasn’t cleansing my face that thoroughly so I knew that I needed to switch to a different cleanser and a friend recommended Liquid Neutrogena. It wasn’t harsh on my skin and it removed the oil and dirt in my face and I stuck to this product for almost a year.



I wasn’t really educated about the importance and benefits of toners until now and I found this toner from Nivea that claims to tone skin deeply, mattify and removes dirt and residue. Despite its mattifying effect, what I love about this product is that it wouldn’t dry out your skin. Another thing is that it makes my face radiant and dewy af without looking haggard.



So Clivia Pure Organics sent me their fade out serum and I tested them for one week in order to see what happens. Their Fade Out Serum is made from the purest Virgin Coconut Oil and Turmeric powder and claims to remove age spots, acne scars and other skin blemishes. Well let’s be honest, I don’t ave the clearest skin but at least I don’t currently have active acne. What I love about their serum is that it’s organic and it makes my face really moisturized. My only concern is that my face looks a bit pale and yellow after using their serum and it doesn’t immediately set after application but so far I’ll be using this fade out serum until I ran out.



We all need sun screen considering that we’re living in a country where there are only 2 seasons, hot and HOTTER!! I’m not really picky when it comes to sunscreen but I want a sunscreen that has a high SPF so that I get that extra protection. ya feel me friends?

Also, did I mention that I stole this sunscreen from my mom? Shhhh don’t tell her HAHA!



I’ve been told by a friend that face mists can be a dupe to a setting spray or if you want that extra freshness in the middle of the day, a little spritz of face mist can go a long way.  What I love about Clivia’s face mists is that it’s hydrating and it claims to be a hundred percent natural. The only downside of this product is that the scent of the face mist is too strong that has an almost chemical-ish scent.


I love makeup as much as I love skin care products most especially if it’s proudly pinoy made. I could recommend the Fade out serum from Clivia pure organics if you’re a newbie on the world of skin care. I said newbie because the product is not intimidating compared to other serum products also you’ll be guaranteed that nothing bad will happen to your face because it’s a hundred percent organic. Who wouldn’t want that right? The face mist on the other hand gives results that a face mist should do but I honestly don’t like and can’t withstand the scent that is too strong.


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Hello lovies and welcome back to my blog. So I’m really sorry if I haven’t blogged for about a month right now it’s cause I’m mentally (and physically) preparing myself for the start of my classes in med school which is in August 13. I’m freaking out because of the workload and on how fast paced med school is and cosidering the fact that I graduatyed with a psychology degree means that we have no background on any med related subjects like biochemistry and anatomy so I’m literally jamming information inside my head right now and I’m trying to make the best out of my remaining spare time because duh med school.

Nuf said on the intro. I think that my excuse is quite reasonable. Back on the regular scheduled blog.

As someone who loves to go to events, my hair has been abused by constantly curling and using the blow dryer and I’m starting to notice that my hair is getting frizzier, losing its smooth texture and original glory. On free days I use hair products that claims to repair my hair but what I hate about most hair masks is that it gives off very strong scents that irritates the heck out of me. Thank God Beauty Care Essentials sent me their Hair mayonnaise extreme hair repair mask for me to test if it will repair my hair from the constant styling.



First impressions, holy mother of pearl the packaging is bomb. Also, from the container of the product, you’ll see the ingredients and instructions on how to use the products. Side note I’ve noticed that this hair mask can be used as a daily conditioner and I was a little weirded out because it was my first time to use a hair mask product as a conditioner. The consistency of a product is similar to other hair repair masks available in the market. I’ve noticed that there wasn’t any harsh chemical scent which is good because all of the products that I’ve tried had harsh scents that made me almost teary eyed every time that I’ll use a hair mask.


I’ve used this product twice for week one and during the week, I’ve tested the product first as a hair mask and to be honest, I wasn’t really seeing results such as my hair being smooth and frizz free. I don’t know if it was because of the humidity of the air or my hair itself but I still have faith with the products.


For this week, I’ve decided to switch my strategy and use the product as a conditioner and as a hair mask. I was noticing something by the end of second week that my hair is getting a little more volume than before and it’s getting a bit manageable and less frizz. Maybe using it as a daily conditioner at the same time using it as a hair mask works for my hair because hello have you seen my hair this manageable? I don’t.



So I kept using the hair mayo till week three and my hair is still the same as week two but shinier. I love this product a lot and you could definitely compare my hair from the ones who just did a hot oil treatment from a really expensive salon.



Comparing this product from the hair masks that I’ve used, This product does wonders with out the harsh chemical scent that you usually get to smell every single time that you’ll step foot in a salon. It’s a two in one product so it means you could use this as a hair mask or a conditioner or both. The only downside is that you need to use it as a hair mask and conditioner in order to see its optimal effects which is a bummer for me since I almost don’t have the time to do a thrice a week hair mask and a daily conditioner.


Check out @beautycareessentials on instagramfor more blogs/reviews on this product For online orders, check out these links.


So Skin Correct sent me their M-product line specifically their cleaner and emollient cream and I’m pumped because I’m a big skin care junkie.

But one big downside of my love for skin care is the price. Try seeing brands like The Ordinary, Cosrx and Kiehls. All of them works wonders on my skin but  they’re expensive af and the main part of my blog is trying to promote Filipino made products that can compete to international brands.

According to Skin Correct, their M-product line are ceramides, allantoin and essential oil based moisturizing cream and cleanser. These are perfect for sensitive and/or dry skin. Their products are also paraben, dye, scent, sulfate, pthalate free and has a high moisture retention rate.

Let’s go straight to the review shall we?



The product comes with a 125ml pump bottle. Information about the ingredients, manufacturer and FDA number are written so plus points to that. You’ll see more information of the expiration date at the bottom of the bottle. So far I had no issue with the packaging because it’s hassle free and all of the information is already written in the bottle.



I’ll be honest during my first impression, I don’t like the scent of the cleanser. It wasn’t pungent or bad it’s just that I haven’t encountered a cleanser that has such scent and it doesn’t produce bubbles when I’m cleaning my face so I have no idea if the product works or I’m just doing it wrong.

The emollient cream on the other hand, at first I had no idea where to use the emollient cream so I had to consult google and only to find out that you should use it as a moisturizer. I did a little patch test on my hands for two days since I wasn’t really sure on how the cream works and I’m quite surprised that my hands are moisturized af so I used the cream for 5 days.

The consistency of both the cleanser and the cream is almost similar to a consistency of a hair conditioner


Left: Emollient cream; Right: Cleanser

After a week, I’ve didn’t notice any significant changes in my skin apart from it making my skin moisturised af from the emollient cream. My acne marks are still there and I also have some minimal breakouts.


If you’re that type of person who wants to try an all natural product that is made locally, I would totally recommend this product but be warned on the scent of the cleanser because I really don’t like the scent of it. I would still use the emollient cream because I definitely feel that my skin is moisturised and hydrated all day. Another thing that I love about this product is that they are organic, all natural and there are no harsh chemicals.


One week after using the cleanser and emollient cream


Skin Correct’s M-product line is available through and BeautyMNL


What’s up lovies! For this blog, I’m going to show you how I did my make up when I went to Bangkok, Thailand. Also, I’ll do a swatch + review on Tropicana liptints that @aaboutiqueph sent me last week.

Ok, a little 411 on what’s the weather in Bangkok, we were there on the last week of June and as expected from a tropical country, IT WAS HOT OKAY?!? I can’t afford to do full glam while we were touring around the city so I’ve opted for something that is lightweight, easy to apply and touch up and cheap. Also the makeup that I’ve brought with me are my everyday make up essentials.


I always start with a clean base. I wash my face with a facial cleanser and used toner. I will do a blog about my morning routine so stay tuned.


It was relatively hot in Thailand but it wasn’t sunny so I used this sunblock from Celeteque which only has spf 15 to keep my face moisturize at the same time protected from the harsh UV rays.


Ok I know that this tour will only give us 4-5 hours of sleep so eyebags will definitely become a problem. I am currently using this Eye lift cream from QuickFX just to have less eyebags.


Maybelline’s baby skin primer has been my holy grail of primer because 1. It’s affordable and at the same time it lessens my pores most especially my T-zone.


After applying primer, I go straight to concealer and trust me girls, this concealer from Maybelline is my go to concealer. A little goes a long way so better watch out on using this. Also, I’ve seen blogs that Maybelline’s Fit me concealer is a dupe for NARS creamy concealer so it means that the product is good! I’m in the shade medium btw.


I’ve only applied the concealer on my trouble areas like forehead, under eyes and my acne scars. I only used my hands on blending the concealer so that I could blend it directly on wjere I want it to be.



After the concealer, we apply the tint. Now the reason for applying tint first before powder is that we want to achieve the natural flush. You could apply powder first and then alppy tint after but honestly, it never works for me because my skin will have small red patches which btw is never cute.


You need to be quick on applying tint and spreading it evenly since cheeck tints most especially the one that I’m using sets very quickly.

Btw, I am using @Aaboutiqueph’s Tropicana liptint in the shade cherry dew.


Now I know that my face looks red af but now we are going to set everything with a pressed powder. You could use a sponge but I prefer using a brush.


Since I have full brows already, I don’t need to go full on crazy with my brows so I only used this brow pencil from Careline (yes their products are really good for a modest price) and just fill in some parts that needs to be filled.


Now onwards to my favorite (and deadliest) part which is the eyeliner. I also didn’t went crazy on the liner. I did the classy eyeliner and I also did a minimal to none cat eye because I didnt want to risk my cat eye to smudge.


This is my final look on the eyeliner.


Before I apply mascara, I curled my lashes first. No magic tricks here HAHA


Now I add 1-2 coats of mascara. I am using this Hyper curl mascara frim Maybelline and tbh I’ve been using this mascara since the dawn of time. HAHA! Onwards then!


Now we are going to use @Aaboutiqueph’s tropicana liptint but first…


We apply powder onto our lips. This was a hack from a friend on applying liptint. The powder serves as a base so that the liptint can hold on to the powder giving your lips full cover without the heavy greasy feeling.


So this has been my Bangkok trip makeup tutorial. If you’re going to ask me, it took me 10-15 minutes to get ready. This was also my Make up routine when I had an interview in CEU’s School of Medicine.



So the liptints comes with a box. First impression, I gotta say, this is one classy and heck of a liptint so you’ll get the idea that this is no ordinary liptint. the bottle is plastic so I feel that this is safe from breaking compared to liptint bottles that are made from glass.


These liptints are waterbased and what I want to talk about is the smell. The smell is very intriguing because the scent of the liptint is the name of the shade itself. there wasn’t any bitter taste which I like and the liptint is highly pigmented so you better act fast on blending the liptint most especially when using it as a blush.


Raspberry Rum


Watermelon Tease


Cherry Dew

Personally, I like Cherry dew on my lips and Watermelon tease as a blush. Raspberry rum is also a fave but I’m currently in a pop of red kind of mood. lol


I am very happy with the liptints. They weren’t drying which is a plus and they are super pigmented. The packaging comes with a box so it leaves a first impression that these tints are anything buy ordinary. They have 7 different shades and also these tints are also affordable retailing at 150php.


Go see them at instagram @aaboutiqueph.